Storage Solutions

The DS Media Servers core networking architecture is designed to scale from a single server with local media storage to multiple ingest and playout servers with central NAS/SAN storage, while supporting remote high-resolution and low-resolution editor and browser clients.

This design provides the ability for any DS Media Servers playout server or other NewsFlow client to become completely autonomous in the advent of a critical failure of the central database or central media storage. In case of a network failure, all assets scheduled for broadcast are cached on the local playout machines and will still be available for playout.

Shared Area Networks

The delaStream Solutions SAN Fibre-Channel architecture supports up to 90 concurrent high-resolution SD streams and 22 HD streams, which can be shared between any combination of ingest/playout server channels or NLEs.

Network Attached Storage

DS's scalable next-generation NAS architecture provides a price and functional range to suit every budget and project size. Available systems support bandwidth throughput up to 1 Gigabyte/second, providing cost-effective solutions for HD media infrastructures. Individual chassis can hold up to 36TB of storage