News Production

The process of acquisition, gathering and playing out of news content is critical to the success of many TV channels.

However, due to its complexity, live news can often be the most stressful production component for journalists and broadcasters to manage. Our news production products provide you the tools needed to bring this process to life and move through the live production workflow quickly, accurately and with confidence.

MOS compliant NRCS integration gives everyone in the newsroom production process real-time updates on the current state of each rundown throughout the day. The delaStream Edit application can be run standalone or as a plugin to all major NRCS and NLE systems, enabling powerful asset search and browse functions. Frame accurate EDL creation allows packages to be generated quickly and placed directly into a rundown or exported to an NLE for full craft editing. Our team will work with you directly to accommodate your specific workflow. delaStream solutions are modular, scalable and therefore easily tailored to meet any sized channel.

Features & Benefits