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Case Studies

Jia News selected delaStream for Complete News Production and MCR Operation.

JIA stands for Journalists in Action. JIA News is an off-the-beaten-path initiative in the Indian context. It is an attempt to cater international standard news content to Indian audience in National language. JIA News is an effort to explore the heart of India and dig up issues that matter. It aims at bringing credibility back to content. Hence, it’s an effort to bringing international best practices to Indian journalism.

JIA News is delaStream customer since July 2013, delaStream did procurement for most of broadcasting products. Like Playout Servers, Camera’s, Switcher’s, NRCS Solutions, Computer Workstations , Editing software’s (Adobe Premier Pro & Final Cut Pro) & NAS Solutions.

delaStream product is used for complete News Production from Ingest to deliver ON AIR.

The channel JIA News is available by satellite, cable television & available on streaming for Web as well as on Mobile devices.