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Archive Solutions

delaStream Solutions Media Archive Library integrates seamlessly with NewsFlow and the complete line of DS Media Servers to provide the highest quality of asset management control with security options and nearline/offline archiving solutions.

Archiving to Fit Your Needs

DS Media Servers offer asset protection with user profiles, user group settings, and storage quotas which set recording parameters and manage disk space. DS Media Servers come standard with an Export to Folder function and seamless support for the Atempo Time Navigator middleware product for small or large nearline and archive solutions utilizing LTO technology.

End-to-End Solution

The DS Media Archive Library (VT-MAL) features Qualstar's BQ20/44, which combines a high performance server with proven RLS-Series robotic tape libraries. The VT-MAL archives 3,283 hours of 25 Mb/sec MPEG-2 content for automated retrieval in just 7U of rack space in your control room.

Hardware Overview

Content is stored on a combination of hard disk and digital data tapes, and shelved tapes can still be managed through the DS Media Archive Library. All tapes are controlled by barcode, making retrieval from the shelf fast and easy.

The VT-MAL is fully engineered for continuous operation, incorporating 3TB of raw hard disk with RAID (0,1,5) configurations and the latest dual-core CPU technology running Windows 2008 Server Edition.

This highly scalable archive solution starts out with 20 cartridge slots and id upgradable to 44 slots, storing 1,440 hours of DV25 near-line in addition to 210 hours on hard disk.

All tapes are stored in removable magazines. Each magazine holds four LTO-4 tape cartridges storing 288 hours of video at 25Mb/sec. The barcodes for each tape can be viewed through a clear plastic cover to enable rapid selection of a video clip that is to be restored from the shelf.

Start out with a single high performance IBM LTO tape drive and add a second as throughput demands increase. A second LTO drive allows simultaneous reads and writes which greatly improves performance. This system is so simple to install and operate that you can expand it yourself as your needs grow, lessening your initial outlay and reducing operating costs.

The DS Media Archive Library tracks nearline and offline media for your growing archive. In fact, you have unlimited capacity since tapes are bar coded and easily removed for external storage.

System Benefits

  • Low initial entry cost
  • Flexible storage designed to adapt to your workflow
  • Readily expands in the field as your archive needs grow
  • Fully integrated system with on-site service and support from a single vendor
  • Compact, easily managed unlimited offline archive capacity